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More than just a photo-nerd.


I may have started this adventure by take pictures of the nearest cat or butterfly, but my early fascination with computers and cameras has blossomed into a mish-mash of skill sets that have served me well over the years.


Behind the scenes at a special presentation with ABC6

Behind the scenes at a special presentation with ABC6

Video Production

Director | DP | Editor

Working in my own business and as part of the teams at ABC6 I've ran plenty of one-man-shows as well as been part of much larger productions from TEDx to special broadcasts and all of the promos in between



Active Lifestyle | Commercial

I've always been passionate about photography. I love making things and people look good. I like to take my time if I can, so found commercial and editorial work most fitting. 


Programming & Development

Web Development & Design

Throughout my academic career at URI I worked as a Wordpress Developer for the University; writing new plugins, working with databases, and redesigning the UI and tinkering with themes. In addition I was always looking to use Bash or JS/jQuery to boost various workflows and make something interesting.

Customer Service

From L.L.Bean to business owner

Working at one of the best known companies in retail for 8 years trained me early on in customer service and keeping people happy. When I owned my own business I carried what I learned into working with my own clients, and worked hard in making sure people were taken care of and felt like they were making a worthwhile investment. 

Currently residing in the smallest state in the US.


I grew up just over the border in Massachusetts and then moving to Rhode Island when I attended the University of Rhode Island. I've planted some roots and have been here for the past 6 years, but I am open to relocation if the right opportunity presents itself.