The Opioid Crisis: Addiction Hitting Home

Proof of Performance:

I was responsible for shooting the behind-the-scenes footage, editing the final video, and producing photos for social media.

News Graphics

Fenlon Deaths (0;00;05;08)0.jpg

During the months leading up to the 1-hour special presentation, ABC6 ran packages that dialed into the dark and dirty details surrounding the current opioid epidemic. One of my first roles was to develop a separate theme for fullscreen graphics to show during these packages.

Fenlon Babies NAS Graph (0;00;05;12)0.jpg
Promo FS (0;00;08;45)0.jpg

Web Banners

Once I had the animated background design finished, I was asked to create some web banners for with the same style.


Promo & Intro Videos

In order to promote the special, one of the tools we used was a promo video featuring the three hosts of the show. I assisted in producing and editing the promo, and produced and edited the rebroadcast intro.